Our Impact

Solano Christian Academy has affected the lives of thousands of people since its founding in 1977. Students, teachers, and parents have benefited from their time at SCA and many shared their experiences as testimonials.  

Gail King (former SCA parent).jpg

Gail King (former SCA parent)

"The tuition at SCA is the best money I ever spent. My baby is grown now and is away at college. I truly believe her attendance at SCA had a lot to do with her drive and her persistence. I'm so pleased with our experience at SCA. I wouldn't change a thing."

Danielle Barton former SCA student)jpg

Danielle D. Barton
(former SCA student)

"From pre-school to elementary, this small but mighty school instilled in me a love for Christ and a love for excellence. I attribute much of the woman I have become to the invaluable investment that the faculty and staff made in me years ago. I thank God for the educators and life models at SCA. They trained me up in the way I should go, and I have yet to part from it."

Gina Conyers (former SCA parent)

Gina Conyers

(former SCA parent)

"I am the biggest cheerleader for Solano Christian Academy! I would stand on a corner in an owl suit and wave a sign if they needed me to. I couldn't as for a better fit for my family. The teachers and phenomenal! I will tell my story to anyone that will listen.

Katie Dailey (former SCA student)

Katie Dailey (former SCA student)

"I was at SCA for my 5th-8th grade years (1991-1994) and I always consider it to be my favorite time in school. I loved the small classes which allowed more one-on-one time with the teachers. I loved that I only had three teachers in those 4 school years. It made school easier because they knew your learning habits and you didn't have to start over every year. I loved going to SCA!"


Yumi Wilson
(former SCA parent)

"My boys only went to SCA for a year, but that was probably one of the best foundation years for them. I loved the fact that my youngest had kindergarten all day instead of only 3 hours. I think that was one of the reasons why he had such a great work ethic when it came to school. They loved it there."

Suzy Snow (former SCA teacher)

"I loved teaching 3rd grade at SCA (1998-2004) because we started our day with chapel. Listening to to all the little voices singing and praising God was such a joy."

Chris Odneal (former SCA student)

"SCA provided me an invaluable academic and spiritual foundation that has carried me through my whole life. I will always be grateful for the incredible support system that the teachers and staff provided. Their one-on-one attention both inside and outside the classroom made our school feel like a family and I cannot imagine having spent my elementary and middle school years in a better environment."

Leah Ramos-Amiccuci (former SCA parent)

“SCA , I believe laid the foundation for not only the academics in my son's life, they truthfully guided him through the Holy Bible gracefully and as a result, he has a very strong relationship with Christ. My son's mannerisms and respect towards people is top-notch and I believe much of that was taught by being in SCA for all those years. I am proud to say that my son attended and learn not just quality life lessons, but how to be a great student as well.”

Chris Hall
(former SCA student)

"The biggest blessing in my life (aside from the gift of life and the gift of salvation) would be that I knew who God was and that He is real and personal at such a young age. That knowledge has saved me eternally and has saved me from a lot of potential pain and hardships here on earth.

If it wasn’t for God using Solano Christian Academy, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was through my early education there that God laid the foundation for my life and my belief in
Him. The Biblical background and understanding I received there has made me into the dedicated Christian that I am today.

But it’s not just Biblical education that SCA excels at. While I was there I was a slightly above average student. Once I entered the public education system, however, I was at the top of the academic food chain. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was given an education far superior to what I would have gotten in the public school system, and this has greatly blessed me in life so far.

Without God working through Solano Christian Academy in me, I would not be where I am today. I’d probably only have vague notions of God, instead of His place as Savior and King of my life. I definitely wouldn’t be on track of God’s calling me into ministry. I am literally eternally indebted to the impact the school has had on my life."

Debbi Davis, RN
(former SCA parent)

"My two daughters began their educational careers at Solano Christian Academy. SCA gave my kids a strong Christian foundation and a solid elementary education in a small classroom atmosphere. SCA allows students to use their talents and excel in their areas of strength, while guiding and coaching them in their challenges with the goal of success in high school and beyond. I am thankful for SCA and all the wonderful teachers and parents. This is a true community."