Welcome to the Solano Christian Academy Early Childhood Education Center. We feature three levels of programming in a school setting: Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Early Kindergarten.  Our structured environment, under the guidance of our loving teachers, allows students to flourish.  Our program is design to boost cognitive and motor development, foster independence, and enhance social skills while instilling a desire for lifelong learning.  The partnerships forged with our parents help to ensure a healthy and positive experience for young learners.

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Our curriculum is planned to provide a balanced and individualized program designed to reinforce each child's development.  Because children learn best through "hands on" exploration, we expand lessons beyond audio/visual learning. Our learners are presented with manipulatives, games, technology, and other tools to assist with learning.  Lessons and concepts are presented in such ways that students are challenged and stimulated but not frustrated or overwhelmed.  Academic curriculum is carefully balanced with ample time for children to grow socially and emotionally through play time, public speaking (Share Times), drama, circle time, and much more.

Early Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten

Instruction includes but is not limited to:

Bible Times - Our curriculum includes Bible training and focuses on Christian character traits such as love, honesty, respect, and courage. These principles are practiced throughout the day and we encourage each child to practice these qualities in his/her own life.  It is our goal at SCA to give children more than just Bible knowledge; we want the truths of the Bible to affect their lives in a personal way.

Science - learning about nature and our environment.

Letters - recognition of name, sound, and writing.

Numbers - recognition, counting, concepts, sequencing, and writing.

Painting - recognizing colors, motor skills development, pre-writing skills, and artistic expression.

Sharing - vocabulary, public speaking, and overcoming shyness.

Music - rhythm and singing, movement and dance, social interaction, games and drama, group interaction.

Stories - promotes interest in books, builds vocabulary, new experiences, relaxation, and enjoying quiet time.

Coloring - promotes pre-writing, self-expression, spatial relationships, and fine motor skills.

** Preschool instruction includes the introduction of the same curriculum at an age appropriate level. 


Our early learners become familiar and comfortable with using technology through the use of iPads and Smart Boards in the classroom.  All students have opportunities to engage in academic learning, draw, paint, write, and record with iPads. This is done individually and through group activities to promote learning.